Venture Church is designed to erase the preconceived notions about church that have turned many away from being a part of the church. We want you to be excited about attending and serving.


Venture Church is not looking for the approval of man but seeks approval of God.

Venture is a Church that doesn't focus on your past but invests in your future.

Our vision and our mission is to be a place where people who feel far from God will know and grow close to God.


Be a first time guest at Venture Church and receive your free copy of Pastor Rob Dugan's book while supplies last. A book that will challenge readers to approach each day with a new perspective. Buy Now

Location Address:
503 South State Street  

Lizton, Indiana 46149 

Just North of Tri-West High School on State Rd 39 

Mailing Address:

PO Box 435

Pittsboro, Indiana 46167



Sundays 9AM & 11AM

Be a Volunteer  in the following areas: welcome team, Adventure Kids, production team (lighting, multimedia and sound) venture outreach team, prayer groups, building preparation and clean up and more.


503 South State Street 39, Lizton Indiana 46149

Pastor Rob Dugan and wife Jamie Dugan

God has given us a vision of a church where God uses ordinary people to accomplish great things with eternal value.